If your satellite was having issues, you may have missed this.
If your satellite was having issues, you may have missed this.
Photo by Groovehouse

Best Tweets From Texans Fans During Game-Time TV Outages

Disgruntled football fans took to Twitter Sunday and Monday to lambaste satcasters DIRECTV and Dish Network for storm-related interruptions to the Texans game.

Most satellite setups struggle to maintain a perfect signal in bad weather conditions, prompting customers to upgrade receivers and dishes regularly. But DIRECTV and Dish caught their fair share of flack from local Texans fans just trying to watch Sunday's game.

Complaints ranged from freezing images to losing out on huge chunks of the game. Those who shelled out for DIRECTV's Sunday Ticket service, which gives customers the option of watching any game in the country on Sunday, also reported online streaming issues.

DIRECTV and Dish customer service apologized to users on Twitter for dropping the ball on Sunday. Let's just hope DIRECTV's streaming issues aren't a replay of 2013, when the satellite provider fumbled with signal issues for three weeks straight.

Here are some of the best outbursts of frustration from Twitter:

And this post..

which prompted this from Dish's Twitter handle:

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