Best/Worst College Football QB Transfers: A List Inspired by Former Texas Main Man Garrett Gilbert

Obviously, Garrett Gilbert is no Colt McCoy.

Or Case McCoy. Or David Ash.

Earlier today, the Texas Longhorns announced that Gilbert -- who filled in admirably for the injured Colt McCoy during the Longhorns' loss in the 2010 BCS Championship game...and that's about it -- is leaving the program. Gilbert had season-ending shoulder surgery on September 20.

How will Gilbert perform with his to-be-determined team? Well, maybe he can look to this inventory of best/worst college football quarterback transfers for some guidance. (The list doesn't include junior-college acquisitions so folks like 2010 Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton are not, uh, eligible.)

Gilbert does have one thing going for him: His first name is not Zach.

Best QB Transfers: 4. Russell Wilson Ditched North Carolina State for Wisconsin after Wolfpack skipper Tom O'Brien gave the senior the play-baseball-or-football ultimatum. Wilson is tearing it up in Madison, where the Badgers are a potential national championship contender.

3. Ryan Mallett Texas High School (Texarkana) product ditched Michigan after coach Rich Rodriguez replaced Lloyd Carr. Mallett found his way to Arkansas, where he drank the booze led the Razorbacks to Liberty Bowl and (after Ohio State was forced to vacate its cheat-heavy conquest) Sugar Bowl victories. He's currently a back-up with the New England Patriots. 2. Jeff Hostetler Todd Blackledge beat out Hostetler at Penn State so he transferred to West Virginia. While there, the future Super Bowl XXV-winning quarterback played himself into a third-round pick in the 1984 NFL Draft.

1. Troy Aikman Good thing Aikman wasn't taxed with running Oklahoma's near-unstoppable wishbone offense. Instead, he developed into a more traditional dropback passer at UCLA and eventually won three Super Bowl rings with Dallas.

Honorable Mention: Nick Foles (Michigan State to Arizona); Colt Brennan (Colorado to Hawaii)

Worst QB Transfers: 4. Zach Mettenberger All talk, no action for this Georgia transfer who won't see the field for the LSU Tigers unless Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson are injured. If Mettenberger hadn't been booted from the Bulldogs after pleading guilty to two counts of misdemeanor sexual battery, he very well could have usurped current UGA starter Aaron Murray.

3. Jeremiah Masoli In 2010, the ex-Oregon standout, naughty too many times, was dismissed from Chip Kelly's team. Ole Miss welcomed him, where he led the Rebels to a season-opening 49-48 loss to freaking Jacksonville State, an FCS team. The San Francisco 49ers cut the undrafted free agent last year.

2. Sam Keller While at Arizona State, this big baby lost a starting QB competition to even bigger baby Rudy Carpenter in 2006. Keller then hightailed it to Lincoln, where his successes at Nebraska were ho-hum. He has since been waived by multiple NFL franchises.

1. Charles Thompson From 1988 national championship game participant to jailbird, the former Oklahoma star transferred to NAIA Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio after spending 17 months in federal prison for dealing cocaine. Thompson's over-the-top plight remains the individual equivalent of SMU's death penalty.

Honorable Mention: Jevan Snead (Texas to Ole Miss); Zach Maynard (Buffalo to Cal); Zach Frazer (Notre Dame to Connecticut)

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