Bet You a Million Bucks Your Christmas Wasn't As Good As Alvin Heggs's (Maybe)

You know what's a great way to celebrate the day before Christmas Eve? Cashing in a million-dollar scratch-off lottery ticket.

That's what Houstonian Alvin R. Heggs did, the Texas Lottery announced today. Heggs bought the ticket at a Shop N Go at 1999 FM 1960 West Rd.

It was part of the Merry Millionaire game, where tickets cost $20 each. Normally we'd say you'd have to be an idiot to play that game, but we guess not. No, on second thought we stick by that.

Heggs requested minimal publicity. Interestingly, there's an Alvin Heggs who played a few games for the Houston Rockets back in the '90s who is the general manager of a car dealership in Spring.

We talked to him, and he says he knows nothing about winning a million.

He did get a Merry Millionaire scratch-off ticket from a store on FM 1960 and won $50,000, he says, but not any million. (He cleared $36,000 after taxes, he says.)

He says he doesn't know of any other Alvin R. Heggs in the Houston area. (A database search shows only one Alvin Heggs with a Texas drivers license in the state.)

"I need to give them a call," he said. "If I won a million, I'd like to find out about it."

We called the Texas Lottery and they said, "We contacted the Houston Claim Center regarding the Merry Millionaire news release, and they confirmed that the information in the news release is correct, according to their records."

So it's a Christmas miracle mystery!!!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.