Bethanie Russell, One of Our Favorite Fugitives: "Lyfe is Krazy"

In March, we brought you the touching story of ex-con and gang member Bethanie Lynn Russell, who liked using inspirational verses from Eazy-E as status updates. But now Russell's status is "wanted" -- at least by the Galveston County Sheriff's Office, which has issued arrest warrants for theft and assault. (She has a drug conviction from 2005.)

Although Russell might pull a Scott Peterson and dye her hair, she has a few distinguishing qualities that might be trickier to conceal, à la a neck-tat that reads "Lil III," a green four-leaf clover tat on her left forearm, a "$" tat on her left hand, a "B" ensconced in a star on the back of her neck, and a tat of "Sean" on her lower back (although we're guessing that any dude who's looking directly at those last two is probably otherwise engaged with her and not likely to turn her in).

Sadly, Russell's FB is sans-Eazy-E. Her most recent Wall post is "damn lyfe...is krazy! but it only what u make it....we all learn from mistakes...but take baby steps as we go....kant no one judge me...take a look in tha mirror and see the person lookin back at you...."

Damn -- girl just hit us with a truth-bullet.

If you catch a glimpse of the 5-5, 120-lb. Russell, consider calling the Galveston County Warrant Division at 409-766-2311, or Crime Stoppers, 409-945-8477 (TIPS).

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