Better Uses For $4.5 Million Than "McLane Stadium" At Michigan State U.

Apparently Michigan State University is going to name its new baseball stadium McLane Stadium. That's because Drayton paid $4.5 million to build the stadium. And Drayton gave them the money because he was a MSU grad student. So it's nice to see Drayton giving a little back to the community. Of course, it would have been nice to see Drayton give a little bit back to this community by having paid for Minute Maid Park with his own damn money, but I guess that would have been asking for too much.

That said, I object to his spending $4.5 million for a college baseball stadium when there's so much more he could done have for Houston and Houston baseball fans with this year with that $4.5 million.

10. I didn't think I would miss Ty Wigginton, but using that cash on him would have made third base much, much better this season.

9. Once again, I didn't think I would miss Randy Wolf, but the pitching staff would look much better with a healthy Wolf than with the injury-prone Mike Hampton and injury-prone Russ Ortiz.

8. Maybe he could have lowered ticket prices a bit so that people could go afford to go to the games, especially as how it's now much harder to get a bank loan to subsidize a trip to the ballpark.

7. He could have bought out Milo Hamilton's contract and put a real baseball announcer in the captain's chair.

6. After Hurricane Ike, and with all of the local layoffs, I'm sure that $4.5 million could have really helped out some of the local charities like the food bank or a couple of homeless shelters.

5. One night a week, free concessions.

4. He could have given raises to all of those game day employees who work for close to minimum wage.

3. He could have used that money to bulldoze that stupid hill in centerfield.

2. Maybe he could have used some of that money to honor J.R. Richard in some fashion.

1. I'm sure that $4.5 million could have gotten a legit manager who isn't afraid of his closer.

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