Beware: Magazine Scammers in Houston

A roving band of scamming douchebags calling themselves Nxcess Sales have parked themselves in Houston; these bottom-feeders have been making their way across the country, telling people they're selling magazines to raise funds for, among other things, local children's hospitals. This particular crew, which is incorporated in Phoenix and also operates the name Dynasty Sales, was recently sued by Seattle Children's Hospital for just that.

For those of you unfamiliar with the crime masquerading as door-to-door magazine sales, it goes beyond just ripping people off; it's a trade plagued by murders, rapes, assaults, kidnappings, and setting people on fire.

In case you want to place an order in person, they're staying at the Venetian Inn near Greenspoint Mall; feel free to call and ask to be connected to anyone with the magazine crew, in case you want to find out about their subscription offers and/or criminal background.

Besides the children's-hospital spiel, they tell potential customers (which they call "Joneses") that they attend a local high school and that they're raising money for a school sports team, orchestra, or a trip abroad (usually London). If for some reason you aren't compelled to slam the door in their faces, go ahead and ask to see their solicitors' licenses, or, better yet, get as much as information -- and paperwork -- as you can from them, and send it our way, because we like to keep tabs on these folks.

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