Beyonce Nip Slips: Five Of The Net's Best

Houston's Beyonce is -- ha ha!! -- catching some heat in Britain over a TV ad for her new fragance Heat. The ad, allegedly, shows a nip slip.

It's not surprising that the web has gone nuts over this; it turns out the net is full of people obsessed with Beyonce nip slips. A sampling (NSFW, we guess):

5. Thanks for the arrow, dude

We would have been looking in the entirely wrong area for the possibility of a nipple sighting, like maybe her elbow or something.

4. The incredible Oscar close-up

This is Beyonce singing at the Oscars. Luckily, modern science allows masturbating web geeks to provide Zapruder-like close-ups to study:

Gentlemen, we have nipple!!

3. Even her husband can't get enough of that stuff

Surprised he's not whipping out a camera phone. 2. As noses bump into computer screens everywhere...

Guys: You have to look far too closely at this one to determine if full, actual nipple is shown. Instead, take a good look at yourself.

1. Other areas to be examined closely

We're sure there's a grainy ultra-close-up of this somewhere on the net, with attendant commentary on just what is being exposed, but we'd just as soon not find it.

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