Big 12 Conference Madness: The Winners & Losers

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So Texas has decided to stay put, and the Big 12, oops, Big 10, lives another day.

Good for it, I guess.

Let's just say that it's been an interesting couple of weeks that, despite what others think, is far from over. But let's take a look at the Winners and Losers as things stand this morning.

1. Baylor: gets to remain a irrelevant program in a barely relevant conference. If Texas had actually pushed the destruct button, Baylor would have been lucky to get an invite from the Sunbelt Conference.

2. Kansas: one of college basketball's all-time great powers gets to remain in a conference where it will be taken seriously.

3. Nebraska: Tom Osborne has made it clear in the past that he doesn't like the fact that UT gets to make all of the rules in the Big 12, so he's going to a conference that has its own big-time TV network, and he doesn't have to split the cash with Texas.

4. Texas: so, let me see if I've got this straight. Texas no longer has to play in a championship game, which means that's one less decent team they have to worry about every year. They also get to start their own TV network, and keep all of the money from that, while, with the departure of Nebraska and Colorado, they've destroyed the TV revenue for the rest of the conference because now there's no more mega-dollars coming in from the conference championship game.

5. Utah. The Pac 10 is one school away from getting a championship game, and all of the TV money that comes from such a game. Utah is the obvious school to join now, and Pac 10 officials have been spotted negotiating with the school.

6. The Big East and ACC. Rumor was that if the Pac 10 really went to 16, then the Big 10, now 12 and SEC were going to go on a feeding frenzy and raid those conferences for schools. Now these two weak football conferences will get to keep their BCS bowl status, despite a continued inability to field a team that could legitimately compete in Conference USA.

7. Orangebloods.com and Chip Brown: suck it, ESPN. These guys have owned this story and have made everybody else reporting on it look like fools.

8. Vince Young: Mr. Young got into a vicious fight inside a Dallas strip club on Saturday night, but this story has been lost in all of the hoopla over conference realignment.

9. Richard Justice: now he has an excuse to ignore the Vince Young story, because, as we all know, according to Justice, the world revolves around Young and Young can do no wrong.

10. Mike Sherman: Now he can just be a mediocre football coach in a mediocre conference instead of being an awful coach in a fantastic football conference.

1. The Mountain West Conference:
With the addition of Boise State last week, this conference was poised to leap into the abyss caused by the implosion of the Big 12 and take over major conference status, including the automatic BCS bid. But the Big 12 lives, and now the Mountain West has to worry about its schools being snapped up by the Pac 10.

2. Boise State and TCU: they were poised to be the kingpins of a major conference with a BCS bid. Now they're in the same conference and have to keep watching non-deserving teams in the Big East and ACC take their BCS bowl slots.

3. Pac 10: Sure it got Colorado. But in a flash it went from being the big boy on the block and able to dictate any terms to anybody, to finding out what the Aggies feel like every Thanksgiving after Texas has screwed them over.

Sure and I'm not irrelevant

4. Missouri: they were going to be the Big 10 before Nebraska was going to the Big 10. Then they were going with Nebraska. Now they're stuck in the so-called Big 12 with Texas still dictating all of the terms.

5. SEC: this means no Texas A&M, and this means that Kentucky, Ole Miss, and Vanderbilt won't be able to add this easy victory to their schedule.

6. Houston: sorry Cougar fans. Conference USA it is, and will always be. But at least you still have an excuse for not selling out the games of one of the most exciting teams in football.

7. Conference USA: Memphis is doing everything possible to get the hell out,  which would make C-USA even more irrelevant than it already is.

8. Texas Tech recruits: they went from the chance of getting to visit California every year to getting stuck going to Iowa.

9. Oklahoma: still stuck having to kiss UT's ass.

10. Notre Dame: sorry, the Big 10 doesn't need you anymore. Good luck as you fade away into irrelevance.

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