May I believe in the Texans again, mistress?

Big Fetish Fair Headed To Houston

Houstonians are deeply into S&M, if you're just judging by the behavoir of the city's sports fans, who eagerly pay to be humiliated, tortured and teased time and time again.

So we guess it's only natural that the Fetish Fair Fleamarket, a big Boston-based extravaganza for spakers and spankees, is headed here next month.

Says the announcement: "Why Houston? This weekend-long extravaganza of kink -- which pairs exhibits of the top designers and crafters of leather and fetish clothing, restraints, dungeon gear, corsets, shoes and more, with a full educational program of BDSM safety, lifestyle workshops, and classes for the curious -- is coming to the Houston area at the request of several Houston-area community groups."

Let's see -- what are some Houston "community groups"? The YMCA? The 100 Club? Astro fans?

Nope, it's HPEP (Houston People Exchanging Power), EROS (Erotic Rose Society), and the Houston chapter of the National Leather Association, says FFF organizer Cecilia Tan.

The FFF began in Boston in 1992 and, Tan says, draws up to 5,000 people each year. A few years ago it branched out of New England and has been in such cities as Atlanta and Charlotte.

She says the event is designed not only for hardcore kinksters. Tickets are only ten bucks, for instance.

"We get a lot of couples and curious folks," Tan  says. "There are a ton of people who have read all about BDSM on the Internet, but have never held a flogger in their hand or tried on an actual corset. We give them the chance to do that, and to meet other real people who are into what they are into. It's very friendly and low-pressure."

Unless you like it high-pressure, if you know what we mean.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.