Big Shot: Tunnel Mole Watches Sheryl Swoopes Get Needled

Ferret-hater and Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani was hospitalized overnight last week while in Missouri for flu-like symptoms, which makes you wonder how much attention to detail is being paid by his handlers.

What a sissy thing to take you out on the campaign trail, especially if it's preventable. Even Houston Comets superstar Sheryl Swoopes, who's undoubtedly in far, far better shape than you or I, got a flu shot this year. Where? On her arm--I mean, smack dab in front of City Hall.

True, she's an official spokeswoman not only for Olivia Cruise Lines but also for the Faces of Influenza campaign, which reminds us far too many thousands of people die each year from flu complications.

And Swoopes's ten-year-old son has asthma, just like Tunnel Mole and countless others who rely on H-town for most of their air supply. While TM only wheezes and trudges through the downtown tunnel system, Swoopes's son is a budding athlete and has just finished football season.

He and others with respiratory challenges are at risk during flu season, which peaks in February and March each year.

So Swoopes is on the stump, reminding folks to do what they can to stay healthy, while other campaigners -- like Rudy -- are dropping like flies. We wanted to know what Swoopes would prescribe for the nation's well-being: Obama or Hillary?

"Yes," Swoopes replied.

We feel better already. -- Tunnel Mole

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.