Big-Time Spending At The Texas Bowl Gets Rutgers In Trouble

Who says the Texas Bowl doesn't bring in big amounts of revenue to Houston?

Maybe this year's game won't -- after all, it's between hometown team Rice (no hotel rooms needed) and relatively unknown Western Michigan (not many hotel rooms needed).

But the 2006 game was a bonanza, if you believe state auditors in New Jersey.

They notified Rutgers University today that a full-scale audit of the school's football program will be conducted.

Among the things that triggered concern: How much money Rutgers spent at the 2006 Texas Bowl.

The Newark Star-Ledger reported earlier this year:

The university paid airfare, hotel and per diems for the spouses, guests, and children of the athletic staff at the Texas Bowl game in Houston. In-room movies, valet parking, room service, internet connections and phone charges totaling $11,000 were also paid.

That's a whole bunch of in-room movies.

Rutgers officials told the auditor that going to out-of-state bowls is a new experience for them, so they possibly didn't have all the controls in place they should have.

But $11,000 for movies in their hotel rooms, food in their hotel rooms, Internet service in their hotel rooms -- didn't these people ever go outside?

So yeah, the Texas Bowl brings in big bucks. For hotels and the Spank-o-vision company.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.