Now if only finding the WMD had been so easy...

Bigger than Jesus on Toast

Seems like every few months an ad pops up on

Craig's List

offering the chance to live in an apartment where George W. Bush partied.

Love for W runs deep around here, for whatever reason, so we assume these swinging bachelor pads don't stay on the market very long

But if you are stuck in a lease (or, you know, made the mistake of buying a home before realize the opportunities you'd be missing), you can always turn your eyes to the sky to bask in W's glory. A paranormal investigator named Jon-Erik Beckjord has just released a photo of Mars with crater formations that look like the President's face.

Don't see the resemblance? Perhaps you should squint harder. Or maybe spin around five times and then take a look. We betcha that'll work.

Beckjord made similar waves (or rather, ripples) when he saw Senator Ted Kennedy on Mars many moons ago.

We para-applaud Beckjord for his paranormal discoveries, but we gotta wonder why he's bothering with the Red Planet. After all, he can find the Prez's visage in his own kitchen. — Keith Plocek

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