Bikers -- Someone Actually Wants To Hear From You

Bikers, the city of Houston wants to hear from you. Some of us only want to hear how you're going to get out of our way during rush hour, but city officials would rather hear about what you think is needed here to help you bike better, or whatever it is you do.

An online survey is being conducted in connection with an overhaul of the 1993 Comprehensive Bikeway Plan.

"The new plan will be used to help guide us through improving our existing network, connecting into Harris County trails as well as expanding the network to provide bicyclist mobility throughout the entire city," Alvin Wright, spokesman for the public works department, tells Hair Balls.

The survey will be kept open to March, so get those ideas in.

"We want constructive and specific criticism to improve existing facilities, what they like about our current inventory of facilities to repeat elsewhere, suggested policies and 'wayfinding ideas,' as well as suggestions for new links and why it's needed," Wright says.

Here's our suggestion -- Get out of our way during rush hour with your holier-than-thou, ain't-I-green, we-own-the-road-too attitude. Pavements are for gas-guzzling cars and their out-of-shape drivers.

-- Richard Connelly

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