Bill Belichick in Super Bowl XLVI: "Make Him Go to Manningham" (w/ Sound FX VIDEO)

I got home from my show this afternoon and, having just finished up talking about sports for five hours, I did what I normally do -- turn on one of the sports channels on television.

Luckily (or perhaps not so luckily, if I had any designs on being productive), I stumbled across a marathon of Sound FX on the NFL Network. For those of you that are unfamiliar, Sound FX is a no-narrator, field-level version of game highlights where usually a handful of players/coaches are wired for sound.

It takes the game and turns it into a virtual drama, turns the players into characters and sucks you in like a mosquito to a blue fluorescent light. It is awesome.

If you haven't seen it, search it out to DVR it. If you're a football fan, it's must-view stuff.

To whet your appetite a little bit, I wanted to share the most compelling bite that I saw in the Super Bowl XLVI edition of FX. It's the fourth quarter sequence right after Wes Welker's dropped pass led to a Patriot punt and the Giants' starting their game-winning drive at their own 12-yard line.

It begins with Bill Belichick's screaming instructions to his troops:

Here is the transcript of Belichick's plea:

This is still a Cruz and Nicks game. I mean, I know we're right on them, it's tight. But those are still the guys. Make him go to Manningham, make him go to Pasco...

On the very next play, Eli Manning heaved the ball down the field to Manningham where the wide receiver made this year's Super Bowl's miracle catch, securing the ball between two defenders and getting his feet down in a space about the size of a phone booth.

It was David Tyree, version 2.0.

Equally compelling are the last few seconds of the clip where Tom Brady is watching the replay on the big screen and concedes "He caught it," almost like he knew what was coming and he was powerless to stop it.

Eli was on his way to his second Super Bowl win over Tom Brady, and the drive started with a deep throw to Manningham, which is exactly what Brady's coach wanted.

The moral of the story: Be careful what you wish for.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.