Bill Cody Omer: After his Pitbull Dies in Hot Car, Poses For Weird Mugshot

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new clubhouse leader in the Mugshot of the Year sweepstakes, not to mention another entrant in the list of idiots who don't know that leaving a dog in your car on a Texas summer afternoon is moronic and all-too-often fatal.

Meet 23-year-old Bill Cody Omer, a college student from Houston. Galveston police say Omer told them he was visiting a friend on the Island Wednesday. They believe that while he was there, Omer left his year-old blue pitbull in his car for at least 90 minutes. A passerby called 911. At 6:37 p.m., when police arrived on the scene near the corner of Avenue S and Seawall Boulevard, the dog had already died in the blue sedan, and Omer was found crying beside his car.

So, some remorse was shown. How then to explain that wackadoodle mugshot?

Smiling is one thing, but a thumbs-up to boot? Maybe it's just a tribute to Winston Churchill, per his Facebook page, one of Omer's heroes. And bonus points for the shirtlessness: To our eyes, that's what elevates the shot to a positively Floridian plateau, a contender for top prizes even in that swampy Mugshot Valhalla.

Speaking of Omer's Facebook page, he's a tough kid to classify. He's a liker of the Cato Institute, Herman Cain and the Republican National Committee, but also Occupy Houston. Those of you who would try to pin this alleged act of reckless stupidity on Omer being an Obama Nation libtard or Red State wingnut can suck it. Omer might be adept at (allegedly) locking pitbulls in death-traps, but you can't put the kid in a box.

Which brings us to PSA time. It's tedious in the extreme to have to type this, but for at least eight months of the year, it is NOT SAFE AND POTENTIALLY LETHAL to leave any living creature in your parked car for any length of time. Don't do that, and you won't have to face a charge of felony animal cruelty nor pose for a potentially crazed mugshot.

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John Nova Lomax
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