Bill Satterwhite: Three (Alleged) Strikes And You're Out Of The Fake Lawyerin' Game

Photo HCSO via Fox 26
Bill Satterwhite just has a hankering to lawyer
​For the third time, former attorney William Everett Satterwhite has been caught practicing law without a license. This time the penalty for the 66-year-old disbarred lawyer could be life in prison.

According to court records, an investigator with the Harris County District Attorney's office recently received written statements and canceled checks from Satterwhite's "clients." A grand jury subpoena of Satterwhite's bank records revealed a few checks to Satterwhite from different people earmarked for "legal services" and "retainer" fees.

Satterwhite lost his license in 1995 after he was found to have committed professional misconduct. According to a document furnished to Hair Balls by the State Bar's disciplinary office, the Texas State Bar determined that he had "failed to promptly deliver" a client $8,333 -- her share of the proceeds of a business she sold.

By "failed to promptly deliver," they apparently mean "never did pay" other than in the form of a rubber check, because that appears to be the case today.

And then Satterwhite got caught practicing law again in 1995 in Victoria County. Two years later he was found guilty of the same offense in Harris County.

And now he stands accused of doing it a third time and could be headed up the river for life.

Assistant Harris County DA Beth Shipley told Fox 26's Isaiah Carey that it is believed that the number of people who purchased worthless legal services from Satterwhite is in the dozens, with one victim as far off as New Mexico.

Court records turn up an one example of his M.O. Last June an area man hired Satterwhite to file a civil suit for him in a case regarding a business damaged by a wayward ice truck. Satterwhite came out to the man's Fry Road establishment and told him he would file a suit for $250, which the man gave him. The man says he later gave Satterwhite a second check for the same amount, and then learned that no suit had been filed. And then in April of this year he found out that Satterwhite was not even a lawyer.

Satterwhite is facing two charges of falsely holding himself as an attorney and is currently being held without bond in the Harris County Jail.

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