Bill White & Chron Editor Jeff Cohen: Facebook BFFs?

The Facebook page of Chronicle editor Jeff Cohen looks pretty much like every other page on that social network, we're told. (We're not Friendly enough to see it, apparently.)

You know the routine:

"Jeff completed the quiz What kind of Star Trek character are you? with the result Remulon The Budget-Cutter."

"Jeff is thinking about his golf game. Again."

And on and on.

Actually, it doesn't contain either of those entries as far as we know. One thing it does contain, though, is a link showing Cohen is a member of the "Bill White for Senate" Facebook club (or group, or clan, or whatever these people call these things.)

That's a little odd, says one person who's seen it. After all, the Chron bigwigs were upset when one of their editorial-board members was discovered to have made a small campaign donation to a local candidate.

Cohen tells Hair Balls there's nothing nefarious about his membership, and that it doesn't show support so much as it allows him to keep updated on the White senatorial campaign, such as it is so far.

"This is a trick question, right?," he says. "Seems to me that following public officials, community issues and other media, etc., is right out of Reporting 101. To quote the great Yogi Berra, 'You learn a lot by watching.'"

He then went on to take the Which Golden Girl are you? quiz, we're sure.

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