Bill White, Getting Grilled On Fox 26

Fox News (the local kind), you giveth and you taketh away.

First, you go live to Roy Morales HQ, giving the candidate the rare chance to appear on TV (explaining why he's failing miserably). A dedicated coterie of supporters is bunched behind him in the perfect camera angle to make it look like he has a dedicated coterie of supporters, and you go LIVE to your reporter, and....the sound goes out. The world misses the wisdom that no doubt ensued. (Incredibly, the Fox anchor blamed the fact that there was "such an enthusiastic crowd cheering [Morales] on, we're having trouble hearing him." No, she instead should have said "such an enthusiastically crappy piece of audio equipment, we're having trouble hearing him.")

But then, Fox 26, you redeem yourself, entertainment-wise, with your interview of Mayor Bill White. No one else tonight has established so clearly how much Houston just loves Bill White, and what a magnificent fellow he is.

White was in the Fox studios to -- well, say nothing of import, actually.

Who's going to win, Mayor?

"I'm not a handicapper, I just encourage people to read the papers, watch this show, keep informed, get on the Internet and get out and vote," he said, two hours after the polls closed.

He continued: "Elections make a difference; we've all seen that Houston has been able to move forward and it'd be great to have a mayor who shares the vision of the voters out there."


The hard-hitting questions continued: "After six years of being mayor, you have such a high approval rating, So what is it going to take for the next mayor to live up to your shoes and make it in Houston?

That is the question, of course: Can anyone hope to live up to Bill White's shoes?

One more attempt on getting him to predict who will make the runoffs failed ("I'm not getting into the handicapping"), but we did learn that Diversity Is Important. People should look at a person's record, not the color of his skin or the vaginas she might lick, White more or less said. (Mostly less.)

To which anchor Melissa Wilson responded -- still intent on keeping White on the hook -- "That's really good advice, and it helps people to decide when they get there for that runoff, who to look at and who to vote for."

She added the station was "privileged to have [White] on such a busy night as Election Night."

As were we all.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.