Bill White In Drag: Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Bill White is embracing the bald.

As part of a birthday celebration (and a way to get e-mail addresses), the campaign is urging people to send White a e-card wishing many happy returns of the day.

Each time you do, a hair will be added to White's picture, they say, or something like that.

Enough good wishes, and he will be seen looking like Willie Nelson, Don Henley, or....Beyonce?

That's one of the options. Twenty thousand clicks gets White with a Beyonce haircut. Lip-synching to "Single Ladies" in JR's with a lame dress and silk panties? The campaign website doesn't say, but we have to assume so.

Beyonce's hair isn't the grand prize, either.

That honor -- if 25,000 hits are reached -- goes to....Rick Perry.

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