Bill White: Mayor, Senate Candidate, NBA Tweeter

The Rockets won a thriller last night, and as always our Ben DuBose was there to cover it and Twitter it.

But he wasn't the only Twittering fool -- also giving us deep insight 140 characters at a time was Mayor Bill White.

His actual game tweets (and our occasional comments):

1. Get ready it is tip off time!!! (Be still our hearts.)

2. Rockets 9, Trailblazers 13. Rockets need to pick it up on defense. (OK, coach.)

3. Yao has 6 points 3 boards Oden can not handle him. 

4. Rockets 25 Portland 17. The Rockets need to maintain the run. Scola and Wafer are doing great! (If only Rick Adelman had a direct line to White: "Rick, this is Bill White. You've got to maintain this scoring run." "I don't know, Mayor, we were thinking of trying to stink right about now.")


6. Battier is a team player. He has played well (A description as exciting as Battier's public personality.)

7. Oden has 3 fouls. Yao none

8. Battier loves the corner three ball. (We're not the hugest NBA fans around, so we're going to assume the ol' "corner three ball" isn't something that takes place in the back room at Ripcord near closing time.)

9. Halftime. The Rockets need to stop the pick and roll with Roy. Luckily Portland is not hitting all their open shots. (What, no hotdog information?)

10. Scola has played at least even with aldridge.

11. Artest could play in the NFL. ("`Cause he's an out-of-control thug," the mayor didn't add.)

12. Roy is relentless. R 63 P 61.

13. Strong start to the fourth quarter.

14. Tied. (So you might want to, you know, watch the game on TV right now. Oh -- you already are? Well, then I guess you knew it was tied.)

15. Battier is clutch. (Enough with the double-entendres!!)

16. R 87 P 85. Big possession. (Astute.)

17. Game is in the bag.

18. Everyone is one their feet. (Me, I'm Tweeting.)

19. @ HTownLiveTweet: No--wrong. No staffer. Me and my son at the game. (Just in case you thought this brilliance was being ghostwritten.)

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