Bill White Quits Race Before All Votes Are Counted, Proving He's Sensible

Bill White just conceded the guv'ship to Rick Perry, surprising exactly no one.

"We hope this campaign has been worthy, and we will never forget what you have done," the former Houston mayor told the audience, which had swelled considerably since our first post. (Although, let's face it, the crowd still could've fit comfortably in a Waffle House).

Standing beside his wife and three children, White said "How about a round of applause for this remarkable family?" before seguing into the money quote: "Look...the vote that Andrea gave me when she said that she would marry me was the most important vote...."

White said he was moved by the support from diverse crowds he met on the campaign trail, adding that Houston was like "our extended family," and that he planned to remain here. He urged Texans to remember that "the work does not end for citizens at the ballot box" (which is already something that every good border-watching Minuteman already knows!).

And, as any good politician would say, White reminded the crowd that "Every governor of our state deserves respect." We'll be sure to remember that.

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