Bill White Releases Tax Forms; Perry Still Won't Debate

Former Houston Mayor Bill White, after months of getting pounded by Governor Rick Perry on the subject, has released his income tax forms for the time he headed the city.

Click here to see the data in all its glory. Bottom line: He makes a lot more money than you do. And there's drilling companies and Goldman Sachs involved!

White spokesman Katy Bacon tells Hair Balls his returns are far more informative than Perry's, "since so much of Rick Perry's income is in a blind trust."

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The Perry campaign wasn't impressed.

"Bill White's decision to release five years of tax returns today is a good first step towards coming clean with the public regarding the sources of his personal fortune," Perry spokesman Mark Miner said. "However, by withholding tax returns for his years in public service dating back to the 1990s, Bill White has not matched Governor Perry's level of transparency. Questions remain concerning income Bill White received while Deputy Secretary of Energy under President Clinton and as Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, and how he has profited from those positions."

And there are those lingering questions about the lemonade stand in third grade.....

Bacon got in a shot, too: "How does Perry account for deductions he's taking on a mortgage that his financial statements do not show? He's certainly not paying a mortgage on the rental mansion that's costing taxpayers more than $10,000 a month," said Bacon.

White coupled his release of the returns with a call for a debate, which Perry quickly and adamantly ducked.

"Governor Perry looks forward to debating Bill White when he fully comes clean in releasing his tax returns for his years in public service, including the years he served under President Clinton developing energy policy that he has profited from," Miner said.

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