Bill White Swears His Campaign Donations Won't Be A Loan

Supporters of Bill White's Senate campaign -- or at least people he hopes are supporters -- are getting a special one-time offer these days.

White says he'll match every donation he gets with one of his own! Limited time only!! And that's not all.....Actually, that is all.

Says the e-mail from the campaign:

I am writing to ask for your help in responding to an incredibly generous offer: Bill will match all donations to his U.S. Senate campaign that we receive by June 30!... If you are willing to support his campaign financially, now would be the perfect time. Why give now? Because the contribution will go twice as far with the matching funds. Your donation of $1000 would mean $2000 for the campaign; giving $100 would mean $200 for the campaign.
So, White is going to lend himself some money, and then when/if he wins he'll have fund-raisers to pay himself back, right? Not so, his spokesperson tells Hair Balls.

"Bill and Andrea have pledged to match June contributions dollar for dollar with straight donations, not loans," says Katy Bacon.

Hmmm. It might be worth electing him, just to see him keep the promise not to pay himself back. To be sure, it's not like he's hurting for money; but every multi-millionaire who self-finances to a degree eventually seems to have fund-raisers featuring donations from new friends who want to help the fresh officeholder retire all those nasty debts.

At any rate, it's two-for-one time at the White campaign!! Offer only open until June 30!!!

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