Bill White Switching To The Governor's Race, Chron Reporting

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Mayor Bill White is about to switch his future plans from not being elected to the U.S. Senate to not being elected Texas governor.

White's move comes as Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's laughably inept run for the governorship continues to implode. Sooner or later KBH will realize she's been out-teabagged by Gov. Rick Perry, she'll regretfully analyze that Texas needs her in the Senate to fight communism, and she'll withdraw from the gubernatorial race.

That means no Senate opening until 2012 at least.

Luckily White -- even as he has been relentlessly insisting he is gunning for the Senate -- has stuck with a "Bill White for Texas" logo, so all the bumper stickers (several of which have possibly been seen outside of River Oaks) are still valid.

What sort of chance does he have against Perry? Not much, one would think at first glance.

Sure, Perry isn't exactly popular (winning re-election with just 39 percent of the vote), and his campaign has been full of idiocy. But a Democrat winning the Texas governorship these days?

That would take some serious charisma. (See White, Bill, characteristics never demonstrated).

The demographics of Texas are changing in a way that favors Democrats, and November 2010 is a long way off, but we just don't see it.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.