Billy Fred Wray Jr.: East Texas Joker / Satan Lookalike Pleads Guilty to Beating Ex-Fiancee

Unless you have a thing for ex-cons who look exactly like a combination of the Joker and Satan, it's hard to understand why someone would want to tie the knot with Billy Fred Wray Jr. Especially when you read that this Henderson County Hellion has a history of associating with meth-heads, fighting with cops, and beating and choking the women in his life.

And evidently the woman who once agreed to this charmer got cold feet, because in January of this year, she told Wray that a lifetime of domestic disturbances bliss wasn't in the cards after all.

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Wray wanted her to reconsider. How better to do that than to punch, bite, and head-butt her back into "I do" mode?

After escaping from his clutches, the woman tried to call 911 from her home, but Wray had the malicious foresight to cut the phone lines. Even so, the woman, clad in nothing but a towel, was able to escape to a neighbor's and summon police.

Who, it will no doubt surprise you to learn, already knew Wray quite well. According to the Malakoff News, In October of 2011, Henderson County Sheriffs deputies found him when they were serving a narcotics warrant. Since Wray had three outstanding felony domestic violence warrants, he tried to escape by allegedly menacing the deputies with a machete and fleeing into the East Texas pines. After an all-night manhunt by cops from every area law enforcement agency, United States Marshals, a DPS chopper, and baying packs of bloodhounds from both the DPS and TDCJ, Wray was tracked down the next morning at a gas station in the town of Tool. An area resident spotted Wray and turned him in; back at the house, police found meth, anhydrous ammonia, digital scales, baggies and other assorted meth paraphernalia.

Wray was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer in connection with that incident, but that charge has been dismissed, because Wray agreed to accept ten years in prison in connection with the beating of his ex-fiancee.

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