Billy Regenhard Punches His Way to an Impressive List of Charges

It started as a domestic violence call, but by the time 22-year-old Billy Reganhard got through assaulting his girlfriend, neighbors and cops, he had racked up an impressive list of charges.

Fox 26 reports that Fort Bend County Sheriff's deputies went to answer the call in Pecan Grove Tuesday afternoon after a neighbor saw Regenhard dragging his girlfriend into his car.

The neighbor tried to intervene before cops got there, and for his trouble got assaulted by Regenhard (allegedly).

Police then had to use a Taser on Regenhard, who was arrested but first taken to a medical clinic.

In the ER, he allegedly punched a female deputy and tried to escape. He got out of the hospital but was captured a short distance away.

As far as we know, he didn't do anything after that, but we're guessing the deputies played a powerful role in convincing him of the correctness of that change in policy.

The deputy he hit had a broken nose and chipped teeth.

And Regenhard finds himself facing, according the Fox 26's list, an array of charges that include (take a deep breath):

-- Aggravated Assault, $50,000 bond -- Assault Causes Bodily Injury Family Violence, $5,000 -- Evading Arrest, $5,000 -- Escape Causes Bodily Injury, $15,000 -- Assault Family Household Member with Previous Conviction, $10,000 -- Assault Causes Bodily Injury, $5,000 -- Failure to Appear, $200 -- Public Intoxication, $200

An impressive day's work.

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