Billy Wayne Ebarb: Short Jail Term for Latest Chapter in 30-Year Brotherly Feud

"He and his brother have been fighting for 30 years. They don't talk to each other. They just act irrational."

So said an Angelina County cop to KTRE. "He" in this case is 50-year-old Billy Wayne Ebarb, and the latest manifestation of that decades-long irrationality was a doozy.

In March of 2011, Ebarb reportedly hopped in his 1982 Ford one-ton flat-bed truck, gunned it, and intentionally rammed his brother's 1990 Chevrolet rollback wrecker. According to KTRE, the collision caused damage to both the truck and Ebarb's brother. While a cop was canvassing witnesses on the scene, Ebarb strolled up and told him he had done the deed.

The motive was as East Texas as sweet tea and jalapeno cornbread...

A cop said the brothers were bickering over ownership of a trailer.

Brother named Billy Wayne in old truck rams brother in slighty newer tow truck in fight over trailer. If that's not East Texas, we don't know what is.

Ebarb's original charge of assault / bodily injury was plea-bargained down to simple assault. On Monday he was briefly jailed and then released for time-served and fined $4,000.

By process of elimination and using Angelina County Court Records, there is a strong possibility that the victim in this case was Jay Ebarb, a frequent denizen of the Angelina County Jail whose rap sheet includes approximately ten cases of public intoxication, burglary, theft, intoxicated assault, assault-family violence, assault of a cop, criminal mischief, driving while intoxicated, a drugs rap, retaliation, and evading arrest.

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