Bing Bang Theory's Jim Parsons Loves Him Some Houston Sports

Anyone who has seen any interviews with multiple Emmy Award winner Jim Parsons knows of his love for his home town. He is not shy in talking up Houston on national talk shows and even dropping in stuff about us in his show. But, even more than being an unabashed Houston honk, Parsons loves him his home teams.

When Dwight Howard was deciding where to hang up his high tops this offseason, Parsons sent the big fella an impassioned -- and clearly well thought out -- plea to Howard via YouTube. I'm not saying Parsons was the difference maker in Howard's decision, but he ain't playing in Dallas now, is he?

Now, it seems Parsons has added cleats to his list of favorite kinds of shoes.

In Peter King's print edition of his awesome Monday Morning Quarterback column for Sports Illustrated, Parsons admits to being a huge admirer of the Texans even though he wasn't all that into the Oilers (gasp!).

Growing up in Houston (and not playing sports myself at all) I watched the Houston Oilers with my family and friends, but I wasn't overly committed. A couple of years ago I decided I would make a real effort to get more into football. So I hitched my wagon to the hometown guys and I was immediately converted to Sunday being my favorite day of the week. I have wonderful memories of singing the Oilers' fight song as a kid, and anyone living in Texas in the '70s has a permanent image of Bum Phillips and his cowboy hat--that's a nice thing to have. These days, anytime J.J. Watt swats down a pass, it ranks real high up there for me.

Now, at the moment, despite being 2-1, the Texans aren't getting a lot of love from fans, but maybe this superstar pat on the back from Hollywood will give them some extra energy Sunday against the Seahawks. At the very least, they can hopefully keep it respectable.

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