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intern (and high school senior) Ishanee Parikh weighs in on last night's Rockets win. Watch out. The girl's been studying hard for her AP exam in Trash Talking.

The Rockets lead the Jazz 3-2 after last night’s 96-92 win. Just when you thought the postseason was only heading downhill for the Rockets, the guys stepped up their game and proved why they are still worthy of our respect.

Though the refs were clearly blind and apparently deaf to the strongest boos I’ve heard at a game, the Rockets still pulled through and made the shots.

Many Houstonians seem to be jumping off the T-Mac bandwagon, ahem, including a certain Ballz writer and an idiot sitting behind me at the game who insisted that T-Mac was overrated.

For all of you: 26 points and SIXTEEN assists. He has been an All-Star for seven seasons for a reason, and yes, his back has had issues, but (knock on wood) everything seems in place for the playoffs, and he will dominate. And I have thousands of Rockets fans who were chanting "MVP" at the game to back me up on this one.

Yao Ming was a little streaky with his shots, but he still ended with 21 points and 15 rebounds. Not only did our All-Star duo score the big points, Rafer Alston and Shane Battier finished the night with 14 and 15 points respectively. We have newbies who play hard like Chuck Hayes and Luther Head and seasoned pros like Juwan Howard and Dikembe Mutombo who back the team up when needed. Point is: We still have a strong team, and while they’ve had their ups and downs throughout the season, and the past two games have been far from the ups, we are still an able team. We have the players. We have the motivation. And yes, this seems like 2005 all over again, but we have the potential to go to conference finals.

My guess? Rockets in seven. We’ll celebrate the joy of making it to the second round after a long decade at home. I can’t wait.

Oh, yeah, be sure to catch the last quarter of Dallas’s game tonight and/or Thursday. The Mavericks have never rallied from a 1-3 deficit, so I have full faith it will be a sight to see: Mark Cuban yelling at the world, the arrogant, we-have-no-banner-in-our-stadium-but-we-think-we’re-the-shit team with the best record for the regular season...losing to the eighth seed.

I love the NBA playoffs. -- Ishanee Parikh

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