Blockbuster Disses Houston As A Movie Location

Blockbuster has put out an interactive "Road Trip" map for the summer, listing locations where great movies have been shot.

Sixteen of the listed films are in Texas. The number of those shot in Houston? Zero.

Included are Bonnie & Clyde (Dallas) and Dazed and Confused (Austin), but even the TV show Dallas is listed, so quality is obviously no criterion.

We have, in the past, listed five movies where Houston has stood in for cities such as Detriot and Washington, so it's not like they don't make movies here.

But what movies could Blockbuster have listed?

The Internet Movie base lists almost 500 films or TV shows shot at least partially here, but we can't complain about Blockbuster not including the two TV movies entitled Houston, We've Got a Problem (1974 and 1994).

But epic films like John Wayne's Hellfighters? Brewster McCloud, about a kid who lives in the Astrodome? The Evening Star, the beloved sequel to Terms of Endearment?

Okay, Blockbuster, we guess you have a point.

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Richard Connelly
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