Blond Lets John Daly Hit Golf Ball Off Her Face (VIDEO)

A trip to Augusta for the Masters is on seemingly every male sports fan's bucket list, and I am no different.

If I ever get the opportunity to swing on down to Augusta during that second week of April, you'd better believe I'll be there. However, I think my agenda would differ slightly from that of the average Masters tourney-goer.

While most (okay, everyone except me) would make a beeline for the country club to watch the pros tee off, I'd be heading to the nearby Hooters to see if John Daly has posted up for his annual merch sale and booze fest. Because that, reportedly, is what Daly does during Masters week. Much like Pete Rose setting up his autograph table in downtown Cooperstown during Hall of Fame weekend, Daly sets up his RV and moves gear.

Apparently, he also spends some time at the driving range, as seen in the video below.

Obviously, there's one catch with this video -- John Daly is hitting the ball off of a tee that is being held in this girl's teeth.

Wow. That takes some serious stones. I mean, yes, Daly is a professional golfer and should have proper hand-eye coordination, but he's also John Daly -- he could shoot an 89 just as easily as he could shoot a 69, which means he could splatter that chick's brains everywhere just as easily as he could hit the ball cleanly 350 yards down the middle.

The video was shot on April 10 in Augusta, and for her part, the girl in the video (whose name is Katherine Michelle) wasn't scared one single bit:

"J.D. has loads of talent and he's one of my best friends. I trust him with my life," Michelle says...noting, "His girl is also my best friend."

When asked if she was ever worried about something going wrong, Michelle told us, "No, because he's done this a few times. He would never do anything to hurt me or others."

Now, we've seen recent driving range exploits involving attractive models allowing a golf tee to protrude from an orifice on their body and serve as a platform for a golfer to tee off. Famously, there was Liz Dickson at the Playboy tournament, but the results were much worse:

Ouch. Thank God that clown who hit Dickson in the buttock wasn't teeing off of Michelle's face like Daly. Her head would have wound up in the left rough.

I will say that if we are on the verge of banning the belly putter in a couple of years, and we are regularly hitting golf balls teed up in the mouths and butt cheeks of models, then the sport of golf is certainly moving in the right direction on a number of fronts.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.