Bloods & Crips: Harris County Gets Its Permanent Injunction Against Them

A judge has made permanent the temporary injunction she earlier granted against the Bloods and Crips gang, a first in Harris County.

The civil injunction bars 47 gang members from an area around the Haverstock Hills apartment complex in northeast Harris County.

"The residents of Haverstock Hills are entitled to a safe home for themselves and their children," District Attorney Patricia Lykos said after the decision. "We are taking the property back from the criminals. This is notice to the Bloods and the Crips and all the other gangs that we are going after them."

Don't mess with the Lykos!!!

The injunction means police can arrest the members for violating it, as opposed to waiting for them to commit crimes, which, it must be said, the gang members seemed to be doing quite regularly. The members are banned from a 57-acre safety zone that includes businesses and a nearby elementary school.

Not only that: They have to pay the county $70,000 in attorney's fees. We're not sure if we want to think about how they're going to raise that cash. Let's just assume bake sales.

Lykos said 28 of the 47 listed defendants had agreed to the conditions; the judge's ruling brings the other 19 under its purview too.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.