Bob Perry Loses A Big Verdict In Fort Worth

Houston homebuilder Bob Perry usually gets what he wants, whether it's John Kerry getting Swift-Boated out of the White House or a Texas Supreme Court filled with his pals and recipients of his campaign cash.

One thing he really wanted was to beat Bob & Jane Cull of Mansfield in a court case. They've been in court against Perry Homes after buying a lemon of a house in 1996; they've won on just about every level but haven't gotten a dime yet, partly due to the Texas Supreme Court.

This afternoon, as our sister blog in Dallas, Unfair Park, notes, they won yet again.

[A]bout an hour ago, a Tarrant County jury told Perry to pay up, ruling that Perry Homes owes the Culls $7 million in actual damages and $40 million in punitive damages. Warranty Underwriters is on the hook for $4 million more in punitive damages.

"Justice has been done," says Dallas attorney Van Shaw, who's representing the couple. "I didn't think it was too much, certainly. I thought it was fair and the right result."

As Unfair Park notes, the Culls shouldn't count on spending that award anytime soon:

But just because the jury ruled for the Culls doesn't mean they're going to see a penny any time soon. Even after the court signs a motion for judgment, Perry will more than likely file an appeal with the Second Court of Appeals in Fort Worth. And should Perry Homes lose there, look for another trip to the Supreme Court of Texas -- the third, counting an earlier visit before abitration.
Still, it's a pretty damn big verdict against Perry. We'll see if his judicial pals bail him out again.

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Richard Connelly
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