Bobby Miller: 19 Years to the Day After Murder, Suspect Arrested

August 18 is not Bobby Miller's lucky day. In 1992, he made a very bad decision and, police say, murdered an elderly woman in a home invasion; on that date in 2011 he got arrested for it.

U.S. Marshals arrested him yesterday in Las Vegas and he will face charges in the murder of Loubenia Wilson, 86. He was 16 at the time and is now 34.

Wilson's murder was gruesome, HPD says:

Ms. Wilson was inside her home when she was the victim of a home invasion robbery by two young, unknown males. She was tied up and physically abused in an effort to get her to reveal where her money was hidden. The suspects left her tied up on the floor as they fled the residence. Three days later, neighbors became concerned and went to check on Wilson. They discovered her still tied up and on the floor. Paramedics transported Wilson to an area hospital where she was pronounced dead on September 1, 1992.

Fingerprint evidence "was developed" in 2008 that made Miller a suspect, the police say, but he had fled the Houston region.

He was living under a new name in Vegas and police learned of it, although they're not saying how. The marshals, who specialize in tracking down fugitives, arrested him without incident.

He is still in Nevada, awaiting extradition.

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