Bodacious G. Neal: Punches, Threatens and Shoots at Baby's Mother During Two Alleged Holiday Assaults

Talk about a guy who fails to live up to his name: If two criminal complaints are to be believed, as a beau, Bodacious Gerraud Neal is anything but.

Police say that on Christmas Day, the 21-year-old Klein man argued with the mother of their baby as she was attempting to leave his parents' house, where she had taken the child for a visit. The woman told police that as she was trying to drive away with their child, Neal punched her in the face through her open window, and then got in his car to drive off.

Instead of leaving ahead of Neal, the woman said that she pulled in behind his car, blocked him in and dialed 911. She said that Neal responded by getting out of his car and opening fire with a small black pistol. The woman said she ducked her head down and drove off, Neal firing off round after round at her and their child.

This case came nine days after Neal allegedly assaulted her another time.

That incident occurred at the home of the victim's sister and her husband. In that case, police say that Bodacious Neal barged in the apartment brandishing the same pistol and demanding, "Whose house is this?" over and over, possibly thinking it belonged to some new lover he mistakenly believed his ex had found. Neal reportedly stuck the gun in his ex's face, and she told police that she "could see the evil in his eyes" and thought it was all over, but luckily he listened to her sister's husband when he told Neal to leave.

Neal was arrested on January 3 and now faces two counts of aggravated assault of a family member. Neal has paid his bodacious $60,000 in bonds.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.