Body Odors Don't Matter in Teens' Water Fundraiser

Money, it's the root of all evil, but for a bunch of teenagers raising awareness for the water crisis in Kenya, it'll help them give the gift of H2O to 201 people.

Working with the Austin non-profit Well Aware, about 10 girls have gone on a shower strike from March 22 through March 29. What we really think is cool about this is that it's bringing attention to Africa and the global issue of access to clean water, which is impacting Kenya in a major way.

We're sure a bunch of teens in The Woodlands aren't dealing with the everyday difficulties of pouring fresh water into a cup and drinking it, especially with all that good clean liquid ready to be pumped in through Lake Conroe.

Props to the Xtreme Volleyball Club who are part of this fundraiser, because even if some of these teens are like, the most popular in school, we're sure they're catching some flack for not dousing with a little hot water and soap. Actually, it's not like us to talk about teenage girls taking a shower, but hell, it's for a good cause.

Well Aware says Xtremely Stinky's goal is to raise $3,000.

"With volleyball practice twice a week, gym class every day at school, and games on the weekends, people tend to just throw the money at us because we stink so bad. And knowing that money is going to save lives is a pretty amazing thing," 15-year-old Brinley Cuadra said.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.