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Will Tracy leave us for daytime TV? Stay tuned...


Yesterday, the chipper folks at Great Day Houston, KHOU's morning program, devoted seven minutes and 45 seconds (an eternity in the broadcast world) to a segment on the Press's Best of Houston issue.

Alarmingly bubbly host Whitney Casey started the piece off holding a massive high-heel shoe — for a man! Can you imagine?

Neither could she. She then led viewers through studio doors into the Best Newsroom, which belongs to KHOU. (Okay, so the actual award was Best Local TV News, but who're we to nitpick?)

And who did viewers meet in the newsroom? None other than Press marketing guru Tracy Grossbard. Tracy and Whitney displayed plates of the Best Breakfast Taco (from Brother's), talked about Cecil's, the Best Place to People Watch, and made plans for a dinner date at Glass Wall, The Restaurant -- the Best New Restaurant. Wait -- dinner date? Tracy, aren't you seeing someone?

Then it was on to reporter Christina, who was live at Carisma, home of Best Car Wash. After gettting her ride rinsed for a mere four bucks, Christina told viewers to head to Shell Service Station No. 34, the Best Gas Station. A quick "passing gas" joke (Christina, you so crazy!) made for a perfect segue for the Best Public Restroom at Nordstrom's.

The segment ended with a surprise visit from KHOU's wacky Jonathan Walton, who noted that the Press is a "publication who knows what they're doing." (Well, thanks, John.) Walton tried on the mammoth high heels, courtesy of the Best Place for Men to Buy High Heels, Jewel's Crossdresser's Boutique and More.

Anyhoo, you can check out the wacky and inspiring segment -- and Grossbard's shining performance -- here (just click on the The Best of Houston! link). I'm off to try on some shoes. — Steven Devadanam

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