Todd Graham, aka the guy who plotted to give West Point to the British during the American Revolution

Boiled Rice

New Rice football coach Todd Graham led the team to its first bowl game in 45 years, for which he was granted a contract extension three days ago. To show his appreciation, Graham then took the head-coaching job at Tulsa.

Ouch. Rice finally gets a coach who can win — after years of putting up with Ken Hatfield and his outdated, inept wishbone — and he skips town at the first opportunity.

Graham was a Rice darling up until the announcement (even though the Owls did get stomped in their bowl game), but, if this message-board thread is any indication, the love affair is over.

And, if some newly spurned fans are to be believed, it never really existed anyway.

Rice now begins yet another search for a head coach, one who will no doubt be greeted with open arms and a warm embrace. Until he leaves. -- Richard Connelly

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