Boom Town: Trying Out Boom Boom

In the wake of the Four Loko odyssey weeks back, I started getting weird offers through e-mail and Twitter for other energy drinks and novelty products. Once you let out the dirty secret that you will try anything for journalistic voyeurism, it's bound to happen. Still waiting on the Fleshlight people to write me back.

One of these random offers was from a company hawking their new product, Boom Boom, which is a chapstick-size tube of oils and minerals that you stick up your nose and snort, not unlike nasal spray, but dry. It is said that it boosts your energy levels and improves focus.

Naturally, the FDA hasn't had a look at the stuff.

The first thing I thought of was amyl nitrate or "poppers", which is the same idea as Boom Boom, but way friskier and the surest way to make a night get weird. Don't ask me how I know.

I got a pack of three tubes, with three flavors, berry, cinnamon, and tropical rush, in the mail just yesterday. The packaging claims that the benefits of the inhaler can last two weeks and that the aroma will still be coming out of the tube for three months.

To inhale Boom Boom, you shake the tube up to aggravate the ingredients, and then you stick the tube up your snout and breathe in deep. It burns at first, and delivers a quick head-rush like the experience of doing a whippet, but on a smaller small-scale.

Your throat and nose will get a little numb, and your eyes will water depending on your nasal exposure to Boom Boom. It all reminded me of taking a Glade plug-in from your bathroom and huffing it, but with out the overt chemical odor.

I'm not sure if it has improved my energy and focus. After trying three or four hits, my nose was burning, I did feel a little loopy and I had a warm sensation on the back of my neck. I will note that sound started to get a little muffled.

I'm still not seeing the focus-improving side of Boom Boom, minutes later. I did just click out of this blog to look at kitties on YouTube, but that's par the course of my work day.

At least with poppers you get the joy of laughter and forgetting how to write your own name on a bar receipt. Or so I have been told.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.