Border Militia Man Convicted on Weapons Charges

Poor Kevin Massey: all the 48-year-old wanted to do was keep 'Murica safe from illegals crossing the border near the Rio Grande. As part of the citizen militia so awesome it has two names — Rusty's Rangers or Rusty's Regulators — Massey patrolled the border with his trusty .45 and rifle, putting his life on the line every day.

But in August 2014, according to the United States Attorney General's Office for the Southern District of Texas, an actual Border Patrol agent and other officers pursuing a group of suspected undocumented immigrants "in heavy brush" stumbled upon a member of Rusty's Raconteurs Rangers. The agent "allegedly perceived him as a threat and discharged his weapon, but did not strike the armed citizen," according to the AG's press release.

Massey arrived on the scene afterward, and unfortunately for him, officers ran his criminal history and discovered that he had a burglary conviction that barred him from owning a firearm. In October 2014, he was arrested "outside a motel in Brownsville." 

The press release states that, "according to trial testimony, he was armed with a .45 caliber pistol, while another .45 caliber pistol was thereafter located in his motel room. At that time, more than 2600 rounds of ammunition were seized in connection with the search of his truck and motel room."

Apparently, his affiliation with Rusty's Rutabagas Regulators did not grant him any exceptions. He was convicted on four counts of felon in possession of a firearm. Sentencing is set for January 2016, and Massey faces up to 10 years in prison and a maximum $250,000 fine. 

We guess this means there's an opening in the militia. Applications can be sent to vigilante@rustysraccoonsrangers.net. 

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