Boston Bombing: Social Media Rumors Swirl Around Pages Allegedly Created Before the Attack

This is how rumors get started. Take a Facebook page or Indigogo campaign started days or even weeks ago, change the name of it and what it is about on the day of the attack on the Boston Marathon and let the conspiracy theories fly. In at least two cases thus far -- one really odd and one fairly straightforward -- the world of conspiracy nuts were turned upside down for a day or so, and we're not even talking about the Alex Jones #falseflag nonsense (if you don't know, don't ask).

First was an innocuous Facebook page the owner created on Saturday, but changed on Monday to honor the victims of the Boston attack. The "Thoughts Go Out to All Involved In The Boston Explosions" Facebook fan page has garnered over 1,400 likes since the bombing, but it also prompting conspiracy theorists to wonder out loud how someone could have started a page on Saturday about something that hadn't happened yet. Truth is, Facebook allows administrators to change the name of any fan page as long as it hasn't reached a certain number of likes yet. This page had not reached that threshold and the owner changed it.

But, it was enough to get the attention of a bunch of people including MSN's Rumor page.

The second is weirder. Indigogo allows anyone to start a campaign to raise startup money for any project they want. Apparently, one user decided the best way to raise some money was by selling "NEVER FORGET 2013 BOSTON MARATHON" t-shirts. Thing is, the account was created days before the event, so how did he know?

He didn't. Like Facebook, Indigogo allows users to change the nature of their campaigns and this one was clearly changed to this heartfelt tribute to making money off t-shirt sales -- the shirt even has a little registered trademark, which we're guessing is not remotely legal.

There is a video on the site that consists of an image of the t-shirt set to the song "Hall of Fame" by The Script featuring Wil.i.am. Touching. The video was created on YouTube April 16, the day after the bombing.

So, there you go, conspiracy theorists. Two possible conspiracies shot down. Never forget...

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