You can call him Bill. We'll call him "The Gambler."

Boston Cream Bet

The Houston Dynamo are just now traveling to Frisco, TX for the big game, and already, the betting has begun.

We're not sure what the over/under is yet, but we do know that Mayor Bill White and Boston mayor Thomas Menino have a little wager going. Don't get too excited: It's for pie.

Mayor White has wagered 10 pecan pies that Houston will bring home the MLS Cup. Mayor Menino has 10 Boston cream pies that say his team will win the game. The loser will obviously have to pony, er, pie up.

Already highly sensitive of any funny business, our moraled mayor declined to call a final score:

"We have a bunch of fanatic fans, and they won't mind if Boston scores a goal, just as long as we score a bunch more. I am not going to tell you the final score, because then (people) will say that the game was fixed."

What a buzzkill. Menino, meanwhile, had no such hangup: "I'll tell you what is going to happen: Taylor Twellman will score the winning goal at 2:30 minutes to go."

"If that occurs, I'm going to have a league investigation," Mayor White fired back. Aha! Now it's getting interesting.

I'll have to dig up some of my investigative journalism skills and see if the pies will come from Goode Co. BBQ. — Steven Devadanam

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