Bobby says things got manic! at the disco.

Boys Will Be Boys

Remember when

"free love"

gave a bunch of naked, hairy


an excuse to


in the park? What about during the disco days of

Studio 54

, where sex was as common of a sight as

lines of blow, big collars

, and

white platform shoes


Those days are long gone, and if it's any indication by last night's alleged incident at hipster hot spot Boys & Girls Club in the midtown club a38, they're not coming back anytime soon.

After spinning a set of what might have been some real sexed-up jams, Boys & Girls Club's Bobby DJ and his lady friend entered a stall in ladies room together.

That's where, according to Bobby, things got really physical.

"We were just making out. I had my hand up her skirt," says Bobby, "I mean it's a fucking bar. We were only in there for a minute." Apparently, some ladies were waiting to use the restroom for sometime, so they brought it to the attention of Louis, a38's new manager. Dustin Swint, a38's owner, says he entered into the bathroom, knocked on the stall door, and asked Bobby and his companion to get out of there.

"Bobby threw a glass over the stall, and it hit Louis," says Swint. "Imagine if that was a patron, and it cut their head. I would be fucked! Who throws a glass at someone?"

Bobby then opened the door, and, says a "gorilla tackled me, tearing my head off and shit. He tore all my necklaces off, and was tearing at my shirt. He said 'We're going outside!' I tried to walk away, but then the cops grabbed me and they took me outside with this guy."

"My manager went a little crazy on him," says Swint. "Then again, he didn't know who Bobby was. Bobby's lucky he didn't get his ass beat."

Bobby says HPD then questioned him, asking if he had any priors (he didn't). They were about to take him in for lewd conduct, a class b misdemeanor, when Swint stepped in, and pleaded with the cops to not haul him off the booty buffet.

But in agreement, Swint had to make sure Bobby was permanently banned from a38, the club he has DJed each and every Wednesday since May.

"I don't hate him, I like him. I had to make a decision because he pushed me too far. He has thrown a drink on a girl, he has spit on a girl," says Swint. "I think sober Bobby is a really cool kid, but I think drunk Bobby is not a really fun person to be around."

"I wasn't ever really comfortable or happy at that place. It just sucks that it happened and my friends didn't really do anything to stop it," says Bobby.

"Whatever the case was, he was behind the stall. A lot of girls had to use the restroom. People have to piss! There are rules in the bar and everyone has to abide to them," says Swint.

Although Bobby is gone, Boys & Girls Club DJs, Damon, Fred and Jeff will continue to kick out the hipster jams every Wednesday. Let's hope they keep their action in the stalls strictly business. -- Travis Ritter

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