Brandon Backe's Case Goes To A Grand Jury, If The DA's Office Comes In To Work

The whole Brandon Backe fracas, where a wedding brawl has led to nothing but confusion, is headed to a grand jury.

Galveston County DA Kurt Sistrunk says he is not recommending any charges be filed against the cops in the case, but he will present it to a grand jury for their consideration.

We learned this from the Houston Chronicle, which said Sistrunk had released a statement on the issue.

Naturally enough, we wanted to get our own copy of the statement and maybe ask some questions. We quickly learned they do things differently in Galveston.

Woman: Galveston County DA's office, how may I help you?

Hair Balls: Yes, hi, Kirk Sistrunk's office, please.

W: He's not here, can I ask who's calling?

HB: Well, I'm a reporter, so I just need his secretary, or anyone who answers questions from the media.

W: Well, they're not here.

HB: No one's there? They put out a written statement today, I'm just trying to get a copy of it.

W: No one's here.

HB (Looking at online directory on the DA's website, which looks to be circa 1998):  Zonia Wilturner-Smith, she's the chief executive officer, is she in?

W: No, no one's in -- they're all off for Spring Break.

HB: Everyone in the DA's office is off for Spring Break?

W: That's right. I'll put you through to her voice mail.

We then called one of the few other numbers in the directory that wasn't the main number, and, indeed, it rang and rang and rang with no answer.

Galveston, you are one town with your priorities straight.

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