Brandon Backe's Hard-Ass Cops Disciplined, Kind Of

We've raised some questions about the fact that Astros semi-pitcher Brendon Backe is opening a bar in the wake of his participation in a drunken wedding brawl in Galveston last year.

Now the report on that brawl -- called a "riot" initially -- has come out, and thirteen Galevston police officers have been disciplined.

Vindication for Backe? Maybe. The cops were punished not for whaling away on innocent partyers celebrating wedded bliss, but for paperwork violations.

According to the Galveston County Daily News

The disciplines surround paperwork failures, such as insufficient or inadequate reporting by those involved, [Galveston police chief Charles]Wiley said.

Some will think it's unfair,"  Wiley said. "And some will think the punishments are not severe enough. I expect some will not be pleased with that, but in the end it's my call and I'm making it."

So it wasn't the pepper spray or tasers, it was the fact that the cops didn't file the proper reports.


It's not like the Galveston police ever get anything wrong.


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