Brandy Hans Fails at the Old "Hide the Meth in Your Bra" Ploy, Cops Say

Brandy Hans, 34, wasn't going to make it easy on the Montgomery County deputy constables who pulled her over for a traffic violation.

She may have had some meth, as the cops claimed, but she wasn't going to leave it out in plain sight.

Instead she stuffed it in her bra. Which worked for...not very long.

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Hans told police the car was her boyfriend's, and she had picked it up from where it was after he got arrested the night before.

Unbeknownst to her, she said, there was a bag of meth in the car, no doubt shattering the idealistic view she had of her beau.

Hans "admitted hiding [it] in her bra, stating she found it in the car when she picked it up and placed it in her undergarment to avoid getting into trouble," the Montgomery County Police Reporter said.

Police also found a scale and a "bag containing four needles, two spoons and multiple bags of a crystal meth." IN THE CAR, haters, not in her bra.

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