Brazoswood High's Troy Neel Pleads Guilty To Being Deadbeat Dad

Last year we told about Troy Neel, the pride of Brazoswood High, who went on to become not only an Oakland A but, later in life, Texas' biggest deadbeat-dad fugitive. (Wonder which accomplishment leads his resume.)

Neel was arrested in December at LAX as he arrived from his private South Pacific island. Yes, you read that right -- his own private island.

Neel owed more than $763,000 in child support for a son and daughter (Hey, owning an island is expensive, and a man has to have priorities).

Today in San Antonio he plead guilty to owing that amount. Neel, who also played football at Texas A&M, faces two years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

"After retiring from professional sports, Neel had the financial resources to purchase an island resort in the South Pacific - but he failed to support his children," Texas AG Greg Abbott said in a prepared statement. "Today's guilty plea marks an important chapter in the state's lengthy effort to hold Troy Neel accountable for violating the law."

On the other hand, he's got some vociferous supporters among the commenters to this Austin blog.

We especially like "His ex is just a west lake wannnabe gold digger. Its a total crock of $#@% that he has to pay that much when it cost no where near that much to raise a couple of kids."

To be fair, the commenter does allow how he "might be bitter."

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