BREAKING & URGENT: Rapping Weatherman Will Not Rap At New SF Gig

The day Kurt Cobain ended it all. The afternoon Paul McCartney sued his fellow Beatles. The first time NKOTB broke up.

All of those could be called The Days The Music Died, but they pale in comparison to the news that comes from our sister paper SF Weekly: Beaumont's Rapping Weatherman will no longer be "throwin' down mad rhymezzzzz" at his new San Francisco gig.

San Francisco, says Nick Kosir's new boss, is not some inbred hick town like Beaumont (or words to that effect):

"He's been hired. He isn't going to be rapping," says [KRON general manager Brian] Greif. "What works in his current market may not work in San Francisco. Weather is very serious to us."

Yeah, they don't give a shit about the weather in Beaumont. (HURRICANES.)

"We didn't hire him to be the rapping weather guy," continued Greif. "He's very good on-air. He has a good personality -- without having to rap. He knows weather. He's proven himself to be very flexible."

"I can't remember if I cried when I read about his defunct rhymes/But something touched me deep inside...the day...the music......died."

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