Houston Humane Society
Things just got worse for some unlucky dogs.

Breaking News: Death to the Dogs

The Houston Humane Society's Courtney Frank just called us with a ruling on the pit bull case, and it ain't pretty.

Liberty County judge Phil Fitzgerald has ruled that all the dogs over sixth months old must be euthanized; all dogs under six months will be sold at auction. Frank says that there's no word as to where or when that will happen. She adds that any pups not sold at auction will be returned to the Houston Humane Society.

"When presented with the evidence, it was obvious to the judge that Weigner's widow didn't have the animals' -- or the community's -- best interest at heart," says Frank. "He made the decision that was best for the community, and wanted to give the pups a shot at a life that they deserve, which they certainly didn't get in the first place."

Timothy Harkness, chief veterinarian at the Humane Society, will be performing medical exams as soon as possible to determine which of the 320 dogs are older than six months. That's really not good news for the dogs, as Frank notes, "The bulk were adults." — Steven Devadanam

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