Breaking News: No HISD Teachers Or Staffers Arrested For Drugs Today

We were baffled.

Here it was, pushing hard towards 3 p.m., and no one had yet been arrested on an HISD campus for drugs.

That didn't seem right, so we e-mailed district spokesman Norm Uhl.

Incredibly enough, he reported back that it was, indeed, true:

Just checking -- anyone arrested for drugs? we had asked.

"No. The HISD PD K-9 Unit searched Young Elementary School at the request of the principal and found NO illegal drugs," he wrote back.

So big ups to Young Elementary School! (Staff motto: We Hide Our Drugs Better Than You.)

Then, bizarrely, Uhl decided to send out the information to everyone on the HISD media list.

So, for people who hadn't asked the question, we're guessing they have a nominee for Most Defensive Press Release. Or maybe Strangest Thing To Brag About.

Don't worry, though: there's always tomorrow.

-- Richard Connelly

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